Dec 20th Dont Use Nulled Wordpress Plugins And Theme To Avoid Your Sites Being Hacked.

If you are receiving this message, it means you have one or more active product/hosting in symbolhost. Here at symbolhost, security is our top most priority and that's the reason we use premium tools that you wont find in many of the well reputed international hosting companies/brands. These includes but are not limited to: Cloudlinux and ... Több... »

Aug 29th Upcoming Changed to .COM Domains pricing

We try to provide the best market competitive pricing for all of our products but in one way or another we depend on other companies for the products. Like for the hosting, we have to rent servers from the datacenters and then buy licences from cpanel, litespeed, cloudlinux and others. Same is the case with domains. We ourselves are not the ... Több... »