To improve the email deliveriblity, we have recently configured a new IP for emails that will be used for emails only.

If you have created a custom email in your hosting and you are using it, you must update spf record otherwise there are high possibility that your emails will land in spam folder.


If you are using symbolhost nameservers, you simply have to login to cpanel and go to "email deliveribility" option and click repiar button next to your domain if its giving error/warning of invalid spf record. If there is no error/warning, and its giving valid status, you dont need to do anything.


If you are using cloudflare, kindly login to your cpanel, go to "email deliveribilty" option and click manage infront of domain, if the spf record is invalid, copy the record and update it in your cloudflare txt record (update existing spf record).

Hope you will find this guide easy and will update your SPF records as soon as possible to make your email deliveribilty good.

If there is any issue or confustion, you can always reach us out via whatsapp and support ticket system.



Symbol Host LTD

Thursday, March 30, 2023

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