If you are receiving this message, it means you have one or more active product/hosting in symbolhost.

Here at symbolhost, security is our top most priority and that's the reason we use premium tools that you wont find in many of the well reputed international hosting companies/brands.

These includes but are not limited to:

  1. Cloudlinux and cagefs to keep the server's resources in control and to separate all hosting accounts (cpanels) from one another.
  2. CSF (Firewall).
  3. Imunify360 (a paid/premium security solution for server's that you wont find in any reputable hosting company because of its price)

So, you can see we are putting a lot of effort in protecting our client's site from attacks.

And, still if the sites gets compromised, we try to clean the sites for clients if they are upto 2-3 in number in one cpanel. Other companies wont do this manually or would charge hundreds of dollars for just one site.

Lastely, we have found many sites to be compromised and when we checked almost all of them were using nulled plugins and themes (most of them were using nulled wp rocket).

Now, if you are using wp rocket, you must have purchased it. If not, most probably its nulled. One of the thing you can do is to check the license status and expiry date. If its something like 2030 or 2050 or unlimtied then its 100% nulled.

Same is the case with other premium plugins.

So, if you are using any premium plugin that you download from google or somewhere else for free, most probably its nulled/cracked one.

Now what you need to do is immediately remove the plugin and scan your site using wordfence plugin for file changes and malware. If found any ,you can follow this guide to clean your sites from virus:




NOTE: If your sites got hacked, we are not responsibile for it and it doesnt comes under hosting support to fix it for you. If we have extra time and not over burdoned with support and you have only few sites in hosting, we May clean the sites for you but this would NOT be the case always.


Feel free to ask anything via whatsapp or support ticket if you have any confusions or questions.


Keep your sites up to dated and sure to stay free from issues like hosting suspension and deranking in google.



Dr Hamza Khan


CEO Symbol Host Limited.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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