We try to provide the best market competitive pricing for all of our products but in one way or another we depend on other companies for the products.

Like for the hosting, we have to rent servers from the datacenters and then buy licences from cpanel, litespeed, cloudlinux and others.

Same is the case with domains.

We ourselves are not the domain registrars and we resale domains from resellerclub.

In domains, we dont make any profits and keep the same prices that we get from our resellers.

Now, the reseller is increasing the prices for .com domains and we are forced to increase them too.

So from first of September, the registrarion, renewal and transfer price for .com domains will be 13$.

As already mentioned, we are depenedent on our registrar and we are forced to change those as we dont have control over it and prices accross all the major registrars would be increased or they are already equal or more then us.

Hope you as a client will understand the situation and will cooporate.


Symbol Host LTD

Monday, August 29, 2022

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